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The information below is regarding the 2017 competition. We will update with information about the CWC 2018 during December 2017.


Location, Transportation, Judges...

The CWC 2016 will take place at Dansborgskoen, just outside Copenhagen (Hvidovre). The exact address is: Sollentuna Allé 6, 2650 Hvidovre, Denmark. 



You are welcome to stay at the school for the weekend. You can arrive Friday and stay with us until the competitions are done on Sunday. The 2 nights at the school only cost 119,- Kroner (£12) incl. breakfast!

Getting there:

By Bus:


By Train:
Guess what! That´s easy to...


From Copenhagen Central Station to Friheden Station

The trip takes 10 minutes and costs 36.- DDK




The CWC is proud to present World famous piper and drummer, John-Angus Smith of England and Gordon PArkes of Northern Ireland as our 2017 judges!


John-Angus Smith

1937385 1084971884872 112035 n




Gordon Parkes 

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